14 Gift Ideas for the Outgoing Gemini In Your Life

These treasures will satisfy the air sign’s love of socializing *and* their need to recharge.

Sarah Mariotti

Date May 21, 2021

It is officially Gemini season, and we’ve got you covered with gifts for every ~multi-faceted~ Gemini on your list. The zodiac sign represented by twins — not The Row’s Olsen twins, though they do happen to be Geminis — has a reputation for being irrational, but the sometimes impulsive air sign has many strengths, too. Intellectually curious, playful and passionate, a Gemini is a wonderful leader. Honour that skill by gifting your fave Gemini a standout piece for their next big Zoom meeting, like a retro floral blazer.

True chameleons, Geminis can easily master the ebb and flow of multiple social scenes, effortlessly merging with any friendship circle. After a loooooong year of distance from friends, this social butterfly will appreciate goodies to elevate summer park hangs — think a bluetooth speaker for blasting tunes, a breezy puff-sleeve sundress from Wilfred or a punchy eyeshadow duo that’ll look cute peeking out over a patterned summer mask. And although they may have been voted “life of the party” senior year, this air sign values alone time to create, daydream, read and reset. It can be difficult for a hustling Gemini to push pause on the plethora of things they’ve got going on, so help them carve out solo time with Constance Stellas’s The Little Book of Self-Care for Gemini and a relaxing room diffuser.

Click through below for our favourite gifts for the Gemini in your life.


JW Anderson

Oscar Wilde Capsule: Oversized T-Shirt

($190, JW Anderson)



Multicolor Golf Le Fleur Edition Chuck 70 High Sneakers

($200, Converse)



Eye Color in 2

($19.90, Zara)


Marc Jacobs

Black Heaven By Marc Jacobs Double-Headed Teddy Backpack

($430, Marc Jacobs)


Tom Dixon

White Elements Air Diffuser

($180, Tom Dixon)



The Little Book of Self-Care for Gemini by Constance Stellas

($18, Indigo)


Tom Ford

Multicolor Floral Blazer

($6,420, Tom Ford)

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