17 Self Care Must-Haves For Sagittarius Season

Here’s what to expect as the sun swirls through the brazen sign of Sagittarius this year, and how to put yourself first.

Sarah Mariotti

Date November 25, 2021

Happy Sagittarius season! It’s time to embrace curious, kindred spirits and adventurous, adaptable energy. With natural tendencies of intensity, honesty, generosity and boundlessness, this fire sign emits a larger than-life-persona — they don’t want to know a world without abundance. And whether or not you have Sag placements in your astrological chart, you’ll definitely feel the pull of the effervescent archer during this time. So, let’s take a peek at what’s brewing under the sun à la Sagittarius, and zero in on which self-care practices you can add into your routine to align with the forecast.

This is the final full zodiac season of the calendar year (not the last of the zodiac cycle, however), which means you’ve likely been experiencing a lot of introspective thoughts, and perhaps a slight urge to break free from the confines that this year’s responsibilities have thrust upon your routine. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which embodies expansion and luck. Now is the perfect time to get outside for some good ol’ nature-based healing. A hike or a bit of birding might do the trick. Regardless of what outdoorsy adventures you prefer, SPF is a must (not to sound redundant in the editorial world, but YES, even in the fall and winter), and Salt & Stone’s oil-free mineral sunscreen protects from harmful UV rays all while nourishing skin.

Let’s not forget we are hot off the heels of an intense Scorpio season, so there’s a sense of mellow and calm during this contrasting transition. You might feel less interested in drama and perhaps more focused on yourself. Sagittarius is all about personal mastery, after all. Incorporate some new vitamins into your regimen (Vitamin D levels are commonly low in Canadians), or go big with a Peloton bike in your home.

The total solar eclipse on December 4 sits right in the middle of the season, and what’s notable is that eclipses can help us align with our fates all on their own. This is the perfect time to clear your schedule and do nothing. Kick back with a Tencel weighted blanket and an Ontario hand-poured candle that was inspired by “The World” tarot card, which represents fulfillment, achievement and wholeness.

Paired with the solar eclipse is a new moon on the very same day. Gently find balance between the two and lean into self-reflection, growth and acceptance. New moons are known to be a powerful time to cultivate newness and manifestations, so ground yourself with journaling and express what you want your future to look like. Need a jumping off point? Finding the right journal will help inspire your thoughts to pour onto paper, like Nota’s suede monogram notebook, available at Indigo.

Check out our complete roundup of self-care assets to get you through this Sagittarius season below.



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