A New Rihanna Era Is Coming

Photography by Getty Images

Yes, we’re talking brand. new. music.

Natalie Michie

Date October 27, 2022

This article was originally published on September 26, 2022.

After a six-year hiatus, music-making Rihanna has entered the chat. And we simply cannot remain calm. On October 28, the beauty mogul is set to drop a new single, “Lift Me Up,” which will appear in the new Marvel movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. This comes just one month after Rihanna announced she would be the halftime headliner at the 2023 Super Bowl. To share the news, she posted a photo of her recognizably tatted hand holding an NFL football in the air. Her caption was a simple-but-effective period (“.”), which can only be described as the keyboard equivalent of dropping the mic.

Obviously, these announcements have shocked the internet. After all, the singer’s last album was way back in 2016, and she hasn’t given a live performance in more than five years. Instead, her focus has been on building her business empire comprised of Fenty Skin, Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty.

But by releasing a brand new song and using the Super Bowl as her concert-venue comeback, it’s clear that a new age of Rihanna — one that converges her music, fashion and beauty endeavours — is coming. Let’s examine the evidence, shall we?

Since her first album in 2005, Rihanna’s artistry has been defined by distinct eras. She entered the music scene with her Caribbean-inspired album Music Of The Sun, then adopted a darker image and sound with Good Girl Gone Bad before becoming the red-haired party girl with Loud. Throughout her career, each new album has illustrated a shift in her life — a different version of her. And it’s this type of experimentation that has made Rihanna the richest female singer in the world.

Since her last album, Anti, she has skillfully built her fashion, cosmetics and skincare empire in the same era-defining way. Fenty Beauty set a cosmetics precedent with groundbreaking shade ranges. Fenty Skin was hailed for “disrupting the skincare industry” with gender-neutral and diversity-minded messaging. Savage X Fenty redefined what lingerie can look like by showing garments on all types of bodies and presenting inclusive runway shows.

Now, with the arrival of her child with A$AP Rocky, she’s entered an entirely new period of life. What better time than now to release music?

Rihanna’s elusive upcoming album, dubbed R9 by fans, has reportedly been in the works for years. But other than confirming it will be reggae-inspired and posting the rare shot of her in the studio, the artist has been notoriously tight-lipped. And all this time, fans have been waiting for a sign that a new music project is near — like, say, a wide-scale televised performance.

Sometimes drawing in more viewers than the football game itself, the annual Super Bowl halftime show is an iconic pop culture event and the only reason some of us would willingly watch sports. It’s also a career-defining moment for the performing artist. Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga have each released documentaries chronicling their preparations for the coveted show. We can only expect that Rihanna, too, will be using it for her own unique branding purposes. After all, she famously turned down the halftime gig in 2019, so the choice to do it now leads us to believe that there is something more in the works.

If we can guess one thing, it’s that the Fenty empire will factor into this performance. On Twitter, Rihanna’s brands have already hinted at their involvement, cheekily dubbing the show #FentyBowl. What might that look like, you ask? Think background dancers wearing a new Savage X Fenty collection and stage makeup courtesy of Fenty Beauty. Some fans speculate the show will feature a choreographed Fenty Skin tutorial. There have also been predictions that Rihanna will use the event to announce a new line, Fenty Sports. If we’re lucky, she may even perform “Lift Me Up” live.

Some fans predict the performance will be a mashup of all Rihanna’s classic hits, finished with a never-before-heard single and album announcement. At this point, we’re not ruling anything out. All that matters is that Rihanna is performing music again. And surprisingly, we have football to thank.