Eight Cannabis Accessories That Will Put a Spring in Your Step this 4/20


A “natural” selection for your next session.

Odessa Paloma Parker

Date April 20, 2021

It’s that time of year again, so allow us to get this out of the way: “Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.” But much like the seasonal flowery finery from Canadian brands like Narces, Judith & Charles, and Smythe, these cannabis accessories are in homage to your more-than-average spring buds. And from foliage to branches to fruit, there’s no end to the natural selection of 4/20 accessories out there to perk up your next session. To heighten the ambiance, we’ve included some scents that will make any room bloom.


Playful, pretty and petite, this charming pipe comes with a protective neoprene pouch for safe stashing.

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Featuring an illustration by Toronto-based artist Maia Boakye, these pre-rolled papers will have you feeling the call of the wild.

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Need to clear the air? This crystal-charged spray boasts a melange of fragrant essential oils, rose water and evocative hints of sage, lavender and eucalyptus.

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Hamilton-based maker Lee Meszaros forages for earthly delights to use in creating a range of unique accessories.

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Violet, vetiver, suede, cannabis flower, purple cassis, tulip and lilac combine in this candle to create an immersive experience that’s anything but garden variety.

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Molded from a real piece of Birch tree branch found in Toronto’s High Park (get it?), this hand-made pipe is crafted with locally-sourced clay and even comes in recycled packaging.

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Red Eye Glass

Pink Peach Hand Pipe

($24.00, Edition)

What a peach! This cheery pipe doubles as a piece of happy-making decor when not in use.

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Scent of Marihuana Candle

($115.00, Loewe)

Housed in a natty glazed terracotta holder, this upscale offering makes going green glam.

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