How to Take a Street Style Photo, Per NYFW’s Elite

Bella Hadid. Photography Courtesy of Getty Images.

Plus, all our favourite off-runway looks.

Jillian Morgan

Date February 17, 2022

Ignoring the fact that it’s currently the dead of winter, New York Fashion Week was bursting with wardrobe inspiration for Fall 2022. And as always, that inspiration isn’t exclusive to the runways.

While neutral hues, tailored coats and cinched waists were trending on the catwalk, spring brights, bucket hats and balaclavas, and mix-and-match textures were all the rage on the streets. But that’s the name of the street-style game — you first have to be noticed before you can be photographed. And in a crowd full of well-dressed wannabes, it’s harder than it looks.

In addition to picking up more than a few ideas for our next shopping trip, we also felt compelled to analyze the anatomy of a street style shot: How do you achieve that perfect, Instagram-worthy unposed pose? Fear not, we gathered our learnings for you below.

Step one: Put on clothing

Photography by Getty Images

I know what you might be thinking, but this is actually the least important step. If you do everything else right, you can walk outside in pajama pants, a jacket, sunglasses (especially critical if it’s night or an overcast day) and still look on point. But we’re not going to do that — we have standards, after all.

You want a look that says, “I’m on trend, but I’m also unique.” Go for bright and bold colours that will help distinguish you from the crowd. Is there a statement accessory you can sport? This is the time to go big or risk going home without a snapshot souvenir.

Step two: Carry no fewer than three items

Photography courtesy of Getty Images

Now that you’re dressed and accessorized, it’s time to gather some additional fix-ins. Is there a magazine or book you can tuck under your arm? Or perhaps you can step outside to get the ultimate accessory: an iced coffee (winter be damned) from your favourite café. Bonus points if you also manage to hold your phone in place between your shoulder and ear as you lock in a post-runway lunch reservation.

Step three: Oh, is that a photographer? You didn’t notice

Photography courtesy of Imaxtree

Now that you look stylish, your arms are full and your day is planned, it’s time to simply walk on the street in a stylish manner. That means acting like you do not care that you are being photographed. Of course, you do care, we all care. But to achieve that nonchalant aura, do not look at the camera as you make long, casual strides. If you choose to smile, do so at someone (or something) out of frame. Now it’s time to soft launch your street style look on Instagram stories before finding a permanent home for the photos on your grid.

Still need more inspiration? Scroll through the gallery below for our favourite street style looks from New York Fashion Week Fall 2022.

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