I Test Drove Samsung’s New Flip Phone and Fell in Love

Image courtesy of Samsung

As a Samsung newbie, I’ve been using the new Galaxy Z Flip4 for the past week and I think I might be a convert.

Ivy Tang

Date September 30, 2022

When I first saw on Instagram that Samsung would be launching smart flip phones, I felt instantly nostalgic. In the early aughts, I was obsessed with the pocket-sized gadgets. I remember begging my parents for a candy-coloured Sharp flip phone after seeing some of my Grade 5 classmates carrying their new phones decked out in charms, rhinestones and other personalizations.

As an adult, the idea of finally owning a flip phone without compromising on function is exciting. So to celebrate the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 launch in August, I’ve spent the past week test driving the newly improved device to see what all the fuss is about.

First impressions

Photography courtesy of Samsung

The sophisticated metal exterior of my phone features the brand’s signature Bora Purple. It happens to be one of this year’s hottest colours on runways and in design, making a strong case for visual appeal. If purple is not your thing, there are other shades to choose from: Blue, Graphite, and Pink Gold.

The phone is also compact. Gripping a regular-sized smartphone sometimes leaves me with sore fingers, but this model feels sleek and easy to handle. Due to my love for tiny purses (thanks, Lizzo and Jacquemus), I often have my phone in my hand, but the (roughly) three-inch Flip4 solves that problem.

Once I flip the phone open, it reveals a seamless 6.7-inch screen with a clear display. There’s a small dip in the middle of the screen where it folds, which could bother some people, but the screen can reportedly withstand over 200,000 folds.

As part of Samsung’s sustainability initiative, the device is made with repurposed fishing nets, or ghost nets, that would otherwise end up in the ocean.

That cover screen, though

Photography courtesy of Samsung

One of the coolest features of the Galaxy Z Flip4 is its cover screen. An improvement from previous models, the updated 1.9-inch cover screen means I can respond to notifications, check the weather and make payments without flipping open the phone. It’s also a nice feature when I’m spending time with loved ones. I can still be notified of any important information without picking up my phone , and can easily return to my conversations.

The customization of it all

Photography courtesy of Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is all about personalization, so the brand has released bespoke editions so anyone can mix and match the colours of the exteriors and the frame. It’s the perfect way to make your phone your own, especially if you prefer traditional hues over pastels.

I also love that you can customize your cover screen with a variety of clock styles, avatars and even gifs. At first, I went for the adorable blue “monster” that reminded me of Susuwatari, the blobs from My Neighbour Totoro. Later in the week, I swapped to a photo of me and my friends.

Quick Shot and other camera features

Photography courtesy of Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has a “Quick Shot” function, which means I can take photos without opening up the phone. With just a click of the side button, the cover screen shows me a front view of the camera. Not only is this feature handy when I want to do a quick fit check, but it also allows me to snap a selfie by waving to the camera (although it doesn’t always work).

What’s more, the main camera features “Flex” mode so I can capture content hands-free. For content creators, solo travellers or people who enjoy taking group photos without relying on strangers, the Flip4 acts as its own tripod. Though I’m not used to the colour grading and sharpness of photos taken with this camera in comparison to the other devices I’ve used, the clearness of image quality when zoomed in (10x at maximum) is something I appreciate.

Final thoughts
After a week of taking the phone with me wherever I go (albeit as a second device), I see the appeal that first attracted me to the innovative phone. I keep reaching for the Galaxy Z Flip4 to check my notifications, look at my calendar and take photos with my friends throughout the week. Although I’m not ready to convert to Android for every aspect of my life, I can certainly see the benefits to this neat, compact device. Bonus point: It makes a great conversation starter, turning me into the most popular person wherever I go. I’m already on my way to converting the people around me to make the “flip.”