I Tried Dermaplaning For the First Time: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

No, it doesn’t hurt or make your hair grow back darker

Schick Hydro Silk

Date May 17, 2022

Growing up, skin was everything. I remember hearing my mom lament over the fact that she wasn’t raised to take care of her skin. Instead of sunscreen, she’d lather herself up in baby oil and lay out in the sun to roast. She was determined to pass on the habit of daily skincare to me. I was lucky that I never had any serious skin concerns.

But as I grew up and after spending a year in the skincare metropolis of South Korea, my interest in the industry developed. When it comes to treatments, there aren’t many I won’t try at least once. I’ll peel, exfoliate, serum and sheet mask my way as close as I can to that perfect, youthful, lit-from-within glowing skin that everyone is talking about and only celebrities seem to attain. Lucky for us skincare fanatics, spa procedures are becoming more DIY-friendly, and there’s a buzzy one in particular that I’d had yet to try: dermaplaning.

As a chronic TikTok scroller, I’d seen people dermaplaning all over the internet but was too afraid to try it myself. I heard rumours about it making hair grow back thicker and longer and that it hurt and could scar the face. But slowly, more and more of my friends were trying it and buying the tool at their local drugstore and my curiosity began to grow. It sounded simple enough; gently gliding a scalpel or razor across the skin to remove peach fuzz and exfoliate. Could I call myself a beauty lover if I didn’t try my hand at it, too? No way. I recently simplified my skincare routine and was seriously missing the days of experimenting with new products. It was the perfect opportunity to try a non-chemical treatment that wouldn’t interfere with the rest of my regimen.

So, I went for the Schick Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Wand—a thin, curved and unintimidating razor with a super-smooth edge. Following instructions included in the box, as well as from the myriad of Youtube videos I watched in preparation, I made sure my skin was clean and dry, held my skin taut at a 45 degree angle and glided the razor down, starting by my temple and gradually moving in towards my nose. Seeing the peach fuzz (that I didn’t even realize I had) get swept off my face with ease was the most satisfying experience I’ve had in years.

I continued with the same technique across both cheeks, underneath my nose and gently down my forehead, being mindful to take it slow and not to hit my precious eyebrows. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable, easy and quick the entire procedure was—no pulling, no scratching, just a baby soft, smooth face leftover. Even the parts of my face that have minimal hair benefitted from the gentle exfoliation.

Once my entire face was finished, I rinsed with water and applied some moisturizer and my typical nightly facial oil. Through cleaning my face alone, I could tell the texture had wildly improved. I looked at myself in the mirror and quite honestly saw a near-different face—this one looked brighter, cleaner and visibly smoother. Trust me when I say: You won’t want to stop touching your new, soft skin.

From day one, dermaplaning has become a staple in my routine that I do every three to four weeks to prevent dead skin cells from accumulating on my face. Aside from cleanser, oil and moisturizer, I don’t feel like I need a chemical exfoliant anymore. The only time I skip out on this is if I have an acne breakout or eczema flare-up, and it’s not recommended for those with rosacea. But most importantly, nothing about my normal hair growth has changed, given that this tool cuts the hair at skin level, which doesn’t affect the number of follicles or the speed at which they grow back.

The really incredible part about all of this is how dermaplaning has impacted other parts of my routines. I feel like my skincare products absorb better and quicker, and my makeup—when I wear it—applies so much smoother. I actually wear less of it. I’ve had multiple people comment on my glow through Zoom calls. It’s truly the perfect addition to any healthy skincare regimen. With summer coming up, you’ll want to get on this glow ASAP. But remember: Don’t forget your sunscreen.

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