Mixing function with fashion at a fraction: Transforming athleisure into your weekend fit

Nordstrom Rack

Date June 21, 2021

In the age of pandemic lockdowns, when most of our daily work-from-home life occurs on the couch, comfort has become key. For the majority of us, gone are the days of waking up an hour early to decide what to wear. We’ve traded dress pants, pencil skirts and silk blouses for joggers, leggings and cute sports bras. And the fashion world is loving it.

Lucky for us, gym clothes are no longer just for getting your sweat on. Since COVID-19 hit, the women’s activewear apparel sector has seen an incredible boom and is the fastest growing category in the market. By 2025, it’s projected to reach a value of $216.9 billion, which is a growth of 82 percent since 2017.

With this influx of activewear on the market, you might be wondering where to look, but Nordstrom Rack has you covered. With every brand, style and all price points under one roof, it’s your ideal one-stop destination.

Ready to dive into this growing trend? Here are our top tips on how to make activewear transition from couch to coffee shop to corporate meeting.

Discover your athleisure style
What kind of fashionable athlete are you? Are you into the revamped 90s biker short trend, or do you prefer the coziness of a pair of drawstring pants? Maybe you are a leggings-every-day kind of person or would rather rock slim-profile joggers on your grocery store run. Whatever your preference, narrowing down your personal style and scoring some staple pieces is your first move. Nordstrom Rack makes discovering your unique athleisure style easy, and without breaking the bank.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
Using jewelry to dress up plain clothes is the oldest trick in the fashion book. A layered chain necklace or a pair of gold hoops take a white T-shirt and make it fancy, while a sleek pair of cat-eye sunnies instantly elevate a look. Adding jewelry to any outfit is a quick way to amp up your work-from-home attire for that last-minute Zoom call.

Crossbody bags are back, and we couldn’t be more excited for hands-free living, especially when the pandemic requires speed and agility when out and about running errands. Throwing a crossbody bag allows you to carry your essentials in style. With Nordstrom Rack’s wide selection of bags and purses, you’ll surely find one that fits you just right.

Style your look with clean sneakers and slides
When has a pair of crisp, white sneakers ever steered you wrong? The perfect white shoe is equal parts comfort and aesthetic, and totally suitable for jazzing up a pair of joggers or black leggings. With warm weather on its way, a pair of easy-to-wear slides can help give your look a relaxed and trendy vibe.

Layer workout wear with everyday fashion pieces
Layering is the name of the game when it comes to styling activewear. Think: oversized blazers, denim and leather jackets, and bombers. A faux leather moto jacket or pink satin bomber adds edge and can take your day look into date night cocktails, while a blue denim jacket says sophisticated without trying too hard. Throw them over top of your leggings and sports bralette for the chicest post-gym (or post-lounge, no one will ever know) look. Bonus: Sports bras easily substitute for crop tops.

Mix textures with common materials
If you think your outfit is lacking a certain je ne sais quois, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, try introducing a new texture or material. Swapping your cotton leggings for a faux leather pair, or wearing an oversized silk blouse with stretchy biker shorts, is an instant upgrade while staying on-trend and without letting go of comfort.

Eager to hop onto the activewear trend? Visit your nearby Nordstrom Rack location and browse through their wide array of stylish, and functional, picks.