Rihanna’s Fragrance-Free Skincare is Here + More Beauty News

Photography courtesy of Fenty Skin

Plus, Canada’s leading wax bar goes gender-neutral and Ardell launches eco-conscious eyelashes.

Sarah Mariotti

Date March 19, 2022

Fenty Skin’s fragrance-free products are making fans really happy

Photography courtesy of Fenty Skin

Rih is always looking out. Even though we’re all obsessing over her maternity style right now, can we take a moment to discuss the newest addition to the Fenty world? The Fenty Skin Start’rs Bundle — including the Total Cleans’r, Fat Water and Hydra Vizor — is now available sans fragrance.

“I created Fenty Skin so that everyone could have access to and enjoy skincare that really works…. Giving people that option for skincare with fragrance and also fragrance-free now really helps us expand on our mission of making skincare for everyone,” Rihanna said in a press release. The products are available for a limited time, but if they perform well, they may just become a forever thing. And not to get you excited, but is that a Fenty Skin hoodie we see?

Ardell drops eco-conscious lashes

Photography courtesy of Ardell

Ardell has launched consciously crafted lashes. On March 15, the brand unveiled its latest collection, Eco Lashes, which features three styles of faux eyelashes that are made from cruelty-free, natural plant-based fibre, featuring an organic cotton band. This is a first for the brand, who is known for its premium beauty products trusted by makeup artists, celebrities and beauty buffs alike. Keep your eyes peeled for these hand-sewn lashes on beauty shelves across Canada.

Klorane tackles oily skin with purifying care products

Photography courtesy of Klorane

Combination and oily skin-type readers, rejoice. Rest assured that your pores will be in perfect balance after trying Klorane’s newest product trio. With many enemies triggering imbalances and inflammation in the face’s sebaceous glands, Klorane’s botanists have formulated a purifying cream, 3-in-1 powder and a stick mask all with organic Mentha aquatica L. as the hero ingredient. This mighty member of the mint family has a high polyphenol content, which will ease inflamed skin, provide antioxidants and leave a matte finish. What’s more, the company uses a patented ingredient extraction process that reduces the brand’s carbon footprint by 72 per cent.

Canada’s leading wax bar goes entirely gender-neutral

This week, famous wax bar Fuzz revealed that all of its services will now be free of gender definers. In its mission to ensure that their clients feel safe, comfortable and welcome, the list of services that were offered has been simplified, and below-the-belt services have been renamed so clients will no longer be booking based on gender. Now it really is just about feeling good in your skin.

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