Texture Talk: 4 Ways to Perfect Your High Puff Hair Look

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It’s high time to elevate your puff game.

Lauren Knowles

Date February 15, 2022

The high-puff hairstyle is a timeless go-to that’s both classic and playful. Like any other ponytail, it’s achieved by simply gathering the hair at the top of your head into a “puff.” However, our current obsession with minimalist beauty has us all seriously questioning the high puff’s versatility.

A simple “high puff hairstyles” search on Pinterest is sure to inspire even the most amateur inquirer with a stream of innovative ways to elevate the classic look. In fact, the social platform predicts these trending “puff love” searches will continue to fuel this look’s popularity in 2022. “It’s been around, but I think what’s making high-puff really cool now is all the creative variations of it,” says Janet Jackson, a pro hairstylist and L’Oréal Paris hair expert.

Looking to elevate your puff? Scroll on.

Stock the right tools

Photography Courtesy of L’Oréal Paris

While there are many ways to reach high puff perfection, there are a few key items that can help set the foundation. Stock up on elastic bands of various sizes so you can customize your look to your hair texture. (You can even cut and tie traditional cloth elastics to get the perfect fit.) Other necessities? Hair pins, a hard brush and a slicking product, if you want to achieve that ultra-sleek finish. “For ultimate polish with this style, I like using pomades and cream pastes, which allow you to manipulate the hair a lot easier than with a gel,” says Jackson.

Build your foundation

All curls are not created equal. Though Jackson says any hair type can pull off this look, your curl pattern and hair length may affect the way you do your ‘do. Type 3 or 4 textures naturally have that puff look, whereas those with looser curl patterns may have to put in a little extra work. “If you have type 3 or 4 hair, depending on the length, you can simply pick it out or use hairspray to set it into place. Those with type 1 or 2 hair can still achieve that puffy texture by pre-braiding, teasing or even creating knots on top of their head and pining them in place,” says Jackson.

Elevate, elevate, elevate!
How you style your hair is a form of self-expression, so let loose! If your puff isn’t quite as voluminous or as long as you’d like, textured hair extensions can be a great way to cheat the system. Elevate your extensions by switching up your colour to add a bit of creative flair, suggests Jackson.  You can also double the fun by creating two puffs for a space bun look. “Instead of parting your hair straight down the middle, switch it up by parting on an angle or even creating a zig zag part,” says Jackson. To spice things up even more, consider incorporating braids either at the base of your look, or outside your puff.

Make it shine

LaQuan Smith S/S 22. Photography by Imaxtree.com

Up the ante by getting experimental with your baby hairs and accessories. The styling possibilities are endless when it comes to shaping baby hairs, with countless variations of loops and swirls to play with. “You can definitely go wild with baby hairs and you can even add accessories,” says Jackson. Let Euphoria be your guide and try adding rhinestones atop your baby hairs and throughout your look to turn your casual days into editorial evenings.