Texture Talk: A Guide to Montreal’s Best Curly Hair Salons

Photography courtesy of Artizans 4/22. Graphic by Leo Tapel

This is Texture Talk, a column that deep dives into the dynamic world of curly hair, from crowns of curls that are free flowing to strands that are tucked away in a protective style.

Lauren Knowles

Date July 28, 2022

The world of curls is vast; kinks, coils, cuts and braids barely scratch the surface of natural hair possibilities. Mindful of the lack of natural hair education and styling capabilities in the beauty industry, curl-informed stylists across Canada have been filling the gap with specialized salons catered to textured haircare and styling. After launching our countrywide search for some of Canada’s best curly hair salons in Toronto, next on our list is charming Montreal.

Here, cobblestone streets lined with historic monuments host a well rounded posse of stylists and salons equipped for your natural hair needs. As we continue to research the best curly hair salons in Montreal, check back for future updates and new additions below.

Artizans 4/22

Salon founder Lovely Racius (left). Photographs courtesy of Artizans 4/22

For the earth conscious curly client, consider booking your next appointment at eco-boutique and salon, Artizans 4/22. The eco-friendly ethos that drives this salon manifests in the selection of products used on and sold to clients. As part of Green Circle Salons — the beauty industry’s first sustainable salon solution designed to combat beauty waste and climate change — salon waste from hair clippings to product bottles at Artizans 4/22 are recycled, recovered and repurposed. Need a chic cut? A fresh set of faux locs perhaps? Pamper yourself comfortably and consciously here.

Aura Beauté

Salon founders Cyan Caruso-Comas (left) and Sherrie Virtue. Photograph courtesy of Aura Beauté

Collectively trained in Vidal Sassoon, Toni and Guy, Deva Curl, Rezo Cut and Cut it Kinky methods, Aura Beauté co-founders Cyan Caruso-Comas and Sherrie Virtue are the curl cut experts to book. Equality and inclusivity are highly valued at this spot — with gender neutral pricing offered to clients. “We’re tired of the pink tax that many women are familiar with,” say the stylists on equal-length haircuts taking the same amount of time regardless of gender. “We recognize that many people don’t fall into traditional gender binaries, and we want to create a space for all people to feel comfortable.”


Photography courtesy of Inhairitance

At self-proclaimed ‘curl spa’ Inhairitance, founder Abisara Machold explains that this term is meant to convey the salon’s focus on the “health and celebration of curly hair textures.” Implementing no compromises on toxic ingredients, Inhairitance carries its own self-titled products and 14 other black and female owned natural hair brands. Aiming to spread natural hair knowledge that has been lost throughout history, in-house classes are also offered to hairdressers in practice. “The word ‘Inhairitance’ is not for nothing because it really connects you with your ancestry, your background and your pride where maybe you’ve felt shame before,” Machold tells FASHION.

Melissandre Coiffure Inc

With an emphasis on African braiding techniques from twists to crochet braids, Melissandre Coiffure salon owner Melissandre Nsoumb delivers aesthetically pleasing results while considering hair health. “It takes a lot of time to take care of natural Afro hair, so braiding it requires an extra touch in order to not only allow it to grow properly but to protect it as well,” she says. “This goes a long way to reduce how much time my clients would normally have to engage in protecting their hair from breaking and getting dirty.” Nsoumb also offers specialized braiding classes at all levels.

Salon Académie Nancy Falaise

Salon founder Nancy Falaise. Photographs courtesy of Salon Académie Nancy Falaise

Inclusive of each unique curl pattern from loose waves to tighter coils, Salon Académie Nancy Falaise covers all the bases. Though tangible updates on a Quebec-based curly hair education petition launched by founder Nancy Falaise in 2020 are still pending, Falaise does offer her own occasional curl workshops teaching clients curl etiquette from wash to finish. Inspired by her own haircare journey post-breast cancer treatment, Falaise also tells FASHION that the salon now offers ‘PRP’ (Platelet-Rich Plasma), a regenerative hair treatment performed with a doctor to promote hair growth.