The April Beauty Launches We’re Obsessed With

Graphic by Leo Tapel

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Janu Yasotharan

Date April 21, 2022

After endless polar vortexes and late-season snowfalls, it appears that spring has finally arrived. And with even warmer temperatures on the horizon, we can’t think of a better way for you to celebrate than by treating your beauty product stash to a feel-good update this April.

From skin-coddling overnight treatments to playful makeup, read on for the best April beauty launches we can’t get enough of.

Biossance Squalane + Enzyme Sugar Body Scrub

Photography courtesy of BIOSSANCE

Bringing new meaning to spring cleaning, Biossance’s Squalane + Enzyme Sugar Body Scrub offers double the exfoliating power thanks to melting sugar crystals that physically sweep away flaky, dry texture and other debris, while gentle pomegranate enzymes work simultaneously to break down dead skin cells. And in true Biossance fashion, signature vegan sugarcane-derived squalene delivers weightless moisture.

Stila’s Empire of Light Collection

Photography courtesy of Stila

After enduring such a difficult couple of years, it’s high time we all had more fun with beauty, especially when it comes to experimenting with colour. Stila’s playful spring makeup lineup includes extensions to some best-sellers, as well as some brand-new products. There’s Stila’s Waterproof Balayage Brow for achieving full, fluffy, natural-looking brows, and stunning new shades of the brand’s Shimmer & Glow and Glisten and Glow liquid eyeshadows. A lip colour lover? The classic Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick comes in five new sheer, matte shades.

Hymnologie Moisture Repair Face Melt

Photography courtesy of Hymnologie

If you’re looking for next level beauty sleep this April, Hymnologie’s Moisture Repair Face Melt is a dreamy bedtime companion. The eco-luxe botanical skincare brand is rooted in century-old Ayurvedic rituals, and works with organic farmers located in the valleys of the Himalayas to source all of its hardworking plant extracts. A star product in the lineup, this super-rich overnight treatment is made with nourishing apricot and jojoba oils, and truly feels like smooth, melted butter when warmed in your hands and applied onto the skin. A little definitely goes a long way here.

Redken High Bright System

Photography courtesy of Redken

Redken’s High Bright System is a blonde’s answer to darkened or mattified hair colour due to dulling agents, pollution and buildup. Powered by the skincare ingredient of the moment, vitamin C, the trio of powerhouse products — a pre-treatment, cleanser and conditioner — work hand in hand with Redken’s signature Brightening Care Complex to combat unwanted dullness by filling your hair’s porosity and sealing the cuticle. Who said vitamin C was just for your skin?

Dove Body Love Body Cleansers

Photography courtesy of Dove

From finding the best face serum for addressing hyperpigmentation to double cleansing, we give our facial routines so much attention that our body care can be left to fend for itself. But skincare should really be a full-body agenda. Dove’s latest launch of body washes adds a face care-inspired approach to your shower routine with three rich formulas (Moisture Boost, Radiance Renew and Sun Rehydrate) packed with hero ingredients like hyaluronic acid, moringa oil, vitamin C and E, exfoliating minerals and aloe extract.

Lotus Aroma Complete Oil Cleanser

Photography courtesy of Lotus Aroma

Speaking of double cleansing: The Korean-born method of starting with a remove-it-all oil followed by a deeper water-based cleanser is a skincare habit we’re 100 per cent here for, especially when it comes to breaking down and lifting away stubborn makeup, SPF and sebum at the end of the day. Lotus Aroma’s all-natural Complete Oil Cleanser contains a cocktail of safflower, castor and grapefruit oils that gently and efficiently remove pore-clogging debris while leaving skin feel impossibly soft and pampered post-rinse. Bonus: The antioxidant-rich formula also fortifies lashes.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Spray

Photography courtesy of Schmidt’s

If you’re an advocate for natural, aluminum-free antiperspirants, Schmidt’s new vegan deodorant spray is worth a try. Available in two scents, Lavender & Sage and Rose & Vanilla, the unique aerosol formula contains a blend of essential oils, plant-based odour fighters and skin-soothing glycerin.

Ilia Beauty Multi-Stick Shade Extension

Photography courtesy of Ilia Beauty

Ilia’s lineup of beloved Multi-Sticks just got better. The clean beauty brand released four new hues of the twist-up tubes in April, expanding its existing seven-colour assortment to a stunning range of 12 shades. Perfect for anywhere you need a little flush and glow, these creamy sticks totally streamline your everyday makeup routine. The cherry on top? The blendable formula is packed with antioxidant and fatty acid-rich avocado oil and skin-nourishing orange peel wax and shea butter. Glow on, friends, glow on.

Amika Double Agent 2-in-1 Blow Dryer + Straightening Brush

Photography courtesy of amika

What’s better than a sleek blowout? Being able to give yourself one with just one tool. Amika’s multi-tasking Double Agent 2-in-1 Blow Dryer + Straightening Brush understood the assignment. This hybrid tool has three settings to help you customize your look on a whim. You can use the blow dryer setting to dry damp hair or retouch your blowout, the blow dryer and straightening brush combo to dry slightly damp hair while simultaneously straightening, and the thermal setting to straighten or touch up already dried locks.

Vacation SPF 30 Classic Spray

Photography courtesy of Vacation

We can’t speak of warmer weather and outdoor plans without the number-one beauty rule: wear sunscreen. Regardless of your skin tone or type, a generous application of an SPF of at least 30 should be an essential everyday step to keep your skin protected against short- and long-term sun damage like dark spots, fine lines, melasma, loss of elasticity — the list goes on. For those not keen on rubbing in creamy, white lotions all over and waiting for them to absorb, a spray format that can be applied in seconds without creating a mess is just the ticket. Our pick? Vacation’s new Classic SPF 30 Spray. The spritz is a fast-absorbing, airy version of the brand’s signature lotion, and the coconut oil, banana extract, aloe vera and vitamin E-infused formula smells like you’ve been to paradise and back.

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