What Is the Role of a Stylist in 2022?

Graphic by Kayleen Dicuango

Trend forecasting, retail therapy and image management are just a few of the responsibilities of these talented tastemakers.

Annika Lautens

Date October 28, 2022

As editor-in-chief Bernadette Morra writes in her editor’s letter for FASHION‘s November issue spotlighting stylists, “everyone needs a fashion BFF who is going to steer them in the right direction.” For some, that might be your go-to shopping buddy who helps you choose an outfit for your big job interview. For celebrities, that style savant is often a stylist who readies them for red carpets, sources ensembles for press tours and helps curate their overall image.

We asked 13 wardrobe wizards what the role of the stylist is in 2022,  and their answers ranged from retail therapy to image management.


Law Roach (Zendaya, Celine Dion, Halsey)

“I really don’t care about trends or what other people think. Of course, you must pay attention to the competition, but I don’t lead with that. I lead with love and gratitude. I’m here to provide a service, and I want to give my clients a luxurious and caring experience.”


Amarsana Gendunova (Eiza Gonzalez, Claire Holt, Toni Garrn)

“With millions of images popping up on our phones every second, fashion has never been faster. For this reason, styling today goes way beyond just putting a good outfit together. Any press opportunity needs to be well curated and strategized to make a more memorable moment.”


Amanda Lee Shirreffs (Vogue Italia, Grazia Italia, FASHION)

“Now, more than ever, the role of a stylist is to stay on top of emerging designers — accounts like @upnextdesigner are showcasing incredible work by young artists — and to create interesting viral fashion moments. It’s the era of lewks!”


Tom Eerebout (Lady Gaga, Austin Butler, Jared Leto)

“I think a stylist’s role in 2022 is to make an effort to match the right brands with the right people and to tell a story that makes people dream.”


Ashley Galang (Entertainment Weekly, GQ South Africa, FASHION)

“In 2022, stylists are shaping the fashion landscape. Celebrities and content creators look to them to help create outfits for not only the red carpet but also their millions of followers eager to replicate and buy right away.”


Ugo Mozie (Maluma, Jon Batiste)

“The role of a stylist in 2022 includes being a fashion therapist and marketing expert. We are responsible for being aware of the social trends, brands and movements that align with our client’s image and lifestyle. Creating a viral photo goes beyond the look. Focus on the message, and the moment will speak for itself.”


Hayley Atkin (Mindy Kaling, Carly Rae Jepsen, Meghan Trainor)

“We live in a world that is so image-driven, and those images are very vulnerable to critique. I believe we live in a ‘book cover’ world, so it’s our job, more than ever, to style that book cover as

authentically as we can.”


Scott Wabano (Lesley Hampton, Michelle Chubb)

“Stylists have always held many roles. We are now the ones who help set the trends by elevating people’s personal style and identity in fashion.”


Karen Clarkson (Dazed, V Magazine, FASHION)

“The role of a stylist is so much more than making someone look nice. These days, fashion is so deeply intertwined with culture, music and film, and it’s a means of communication. That’s the reason I still love being a stylist!”


Timothy Chernyaev (Ariana Grande)

“I think that now, more than ever, people are looking to be entertained by fashion. Today, a stylist has to do more than just put outfits together; they have to make choices that feel

relevant to what’s happen- ing in fashion in real time. Stylists are looking at the bigger picture in 2022.”


Cat Calica (Sage Paul, Indigenous Fashion Arts Festival)

“My role as a stylist includes creative direction and story development. It’s important for people in this industry to develop their own style and brand. Nowadays, platforms like TikTok have made styling more mainstream and people can play with different looks from around the world.”


Petra Flannery (Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Oh)

“Being a stylist in 2022 means dressing beyond the red carpet. It involves a curation of looks, clientele and style personas.”


Tara Swennen (Kristen Stewart, Matthew McConaughey, Allison Janney)

“Our role as stylists is to help people embody their authentic selves and to elevate their unique personal style in fun and creative ways.”

This article first appeared in FASHION’s November issue. Find out more here.