You Can Finally Live Like Dua Lipa

Photography by Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

Her lifestyle hub promises to be an almanac for the ultra-cool.

Natalie Michie

Date November 23, 2021

Want to really get to know Dua Lipa? Look no further.

On November 23, the pop star announced Service95, a highly curated weekly newsletter, website and podcast promising to give fans a peek inside her very chic world. With topics like “global style, culture, and society,” the lifestyle platform (launching in 2022) is essentially a smorgasbord of all things Dua Lipa.

“We’ll be sharing words, stories, cultural recommendations, and more from a plethora of voices that I love, that I trust in fashion, in beauty, in the arts, in politics, in global issues and tons more,” said the singer in a video posted to her Instagram. She added that Service95 will be collaborated on by writers and editors from all over the world “that are both established and emerging.”

The free newsletter will offer curated recommendations straight from Dua herself — from her favourite under-the-radar restaurants and nail salons to the best up-and-coming artists that she’s discovered in her time travelling the world. “I find huge joy in telling people what I’ve learned about in any given city and love finding connection in our shared experiences,” the 26 year old said in a statement.

Notably, it will also highlight grassroots activists and break down complex world issues that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Service95 was inspired by Dua’s passion for making lists, the organizer that she is. In her personal life, she’s been known to introduce friends to the lesser-known gems she’s discovered.

With her new platform, she’s expanding the circle so that everyone can be in on the issues at the top of her mind. “The more we share with each other, the closer we become, the wider our circles grow,” the singer continued.

The star’s new passion project is truly an extension of herself. The name Service95 was inspired by the year 1995, when she was born, and her feelings of being at service to her fans.

The platform’s podcast, aptly named At Your Service, will see Dua Lipa interview a lineup of high-profile guests in conversation about pressing global concerns, extensive recommendations and good old chats between (extremely famous) friends.

Service95 seems like a fitting next step for the artist, who is known for her fashion-filled IG photo dumps that reliably give followers a glimpse into her life. And while Service95 is dubbed a lifestyle platform, it’s no Goop or Poosh.

By introducing grassroots voices and tackling politics, Dua Lipa’s platform is sure to set itself apart as an accessible educational tool. As she explained in a release, Service95 is for anyone who’s as “curious as I am about life.” Plus, who wouldn’t want to get their nails done at Dua Lipa’s favourite spot?

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